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Comprehensive Child Care Programs

Infant Class - 6 Weeks 

At Bright Eyes Community Child Care Center, infants who are are six-weeks old and above can be enrolled. We will keep your little one in our infant room until they become flexible enough to explore the world outside this room.

In the infant room, we allow them to move freely in order to develop the strength in their body to sit, crawl, and eventually walk. After a while, our highly trained and efficient staff will introduce age-appropriate sensory stimulation so that your infant is exposed to new textures, sights, smells, and sounds.

Your child will follow an on-demand schedule. It means that they are fed when they are hungry and they nap when they are tired.

Waddler Class - 18 Months

When your child becomes mobile at the age of 18 months, we introduce them to our waddler program. Similar to infant class, your child will operate on an on-demand schedule.

Our teachers will encourage curiosity and sensory exploration by reading, singing songs with hand movements and providing each child with personal attention with direct eye contact. Later, our teachers will introduce sign language and Spanish phrases to enlighten your children with alternate methods of communication.

At this stage, it's not ideal to leave your child free to explore the surroundings around him. Hence, we will provide your child with new toys, books, and activities that will help in keeping your child's interest alive.
Letter identification

Toddler Class - 18 Months to 28 Months 

Our toddler class is for children from 18 to 28 months of age. In this class, your little one will be involved in a daily routine including a set time for morning snacks, lunch, nap time and afternoon snacks. Our professional staff will plan a syllabus with appropriate monthly and weekly themes for your child. These themes include:
  • Color identification
  • Letter and number identification
  • Memorization of songs and dance
  • Seasonal observation
  • Sensory exploration
Parents who wish to begin potty training of their little ones will get full support from our staff.

Twos and Training Class - 3 years

This class is for children from two to three years of age. In twos and training class we focus on:
  • Self-care
  • Individuality
  • Empathy
  • How to work as a group
Our syllabus for this class will encourage exploration, observation, and deduction as methods of learning the basic skills that will prepare them for prekindergarten.

Threes Class

Our Threes Class program will focus on mastering larger emotions so that your child can effectively communicate their needs and feelings. For a social and emotional upbringing of your little one, we model and discuss healthy forms of communication, empathy, and respect.

Our sensory activities, playtime, story time routine, and our teachers will start building a strong foundation on which your child will succeed in prekindergarten.

Prekindergarten Class - 4 to 5 years

Our Prekindergarten Program is for children from four to five years of age. Your child will be exposed to hands-on activities that will develop your child socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. 

We will encourage your child to start learning activities based on their own interests during their day-to-day allotted playtime.

Our prekindergarten teachers will carve each child at their developmental level and create their syllabus to make sure that each child is prepared to flourish when they enter kindergarten.
Nurture your little ones future with our effective child care programs.
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Our child care center is licensed with the Department of Social Services.
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