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Located at Pantops in Charlottesville, VA | Serving Charlottesville and the Surrounding Counties

Our Philosophy

Creating a Better Future for Your Child

Providing Personalized Care for Your Little One

At Bright Eyes Community Child Care Center, taking care of your child's individual needs is our top priority. Our small-sized classes lets your little one connect personally with our caregivers. 

We recruit individuals who are passionate about teaching and working with parents so that together they can celebrate each child's developmental milestones!

Additionally, we provide your child with bilingual floaters so that they are exposed to Spanish language every day. Contact us today!

Our Mission Statement

We believe that great child care is centered on recreating the loving and consistent environment children find at home. Once this framework is established, children are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. All the while knowing that they are respected and unconditionally loved for the individuals they are.

As we grow to love the differences in ourselves, we are able to respect and value the differences in others. Developing a positive self-image and an ability to cooperate with peers and teachers helps children grow into healthy adults.

The Center seeks to create a balance between scheduled activities or routines and spontaneous activities in response to children’s interests. This flexibility allows us to cater to the children as a group and as individuals.

Children are constantly absorbing information around them. It is imperative that we as teachers and child care providers model healthy forms of communication and effective expression of emotion.

With these tenants, we seek to create more than a child care center. We seek to create a community of resources for our children, teachers, and parents. It takes a village to raise a child, and we intend to use the resources of our community to provide the information, education, and support needed by each family.
Looking for a reliable child care center in Charlottesville, VA? Visit us today at 2320 Hunters Way!
You will be glad to know that our child care center is subsidized! Get in touch with us for more details!
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